Administration and Maintenance



Dave Adamovich                     Glen Croteau


PROJECTS-IN-PROCESS:  Please be reminded that any and all projects-in-process must be labeled with the proper paperwork.  Please be specific in filling out the details, and make certain you secure the notification paperwork on your work.  Projects cannot remain in the shop for longer than thirty (30) days unless specific authorization from the Maintenance Department has been granted.


CLAMPS & VISES:  When securing Clamps and Vises for glued-up projects, make certain that (in addition to labeling as noted above) you place your project on the floor.  Do not leave your projects on the Assembly Room Tables overnight.  


RACKED & SHEET STORAGE:  As a reminder to ALL MEMBERS (including educational and training instructors) any and all Racked and Sheet Material stored in the Assembly Room Areas cannot remain in the shop longer than thirty (30) days.  Please make certain you mark your material CLEARLY with all the pertinent information as requested.  Any material that is left after the deadline will be offered back to the shop or available for members to purchase.


If any questions regarding the above please feel free to reach out to GLENN CROTEAU, Shop Maintenance Admin., or DAVE ADAMOVICH, Equipment Maintenance Manager.


Note from Dave: At the moment I am working with Jerry and Lowell on the CNC equipment that we will need for both shops.  I originally budgeted for the largest CNC but with input from users and the knowledge of the team we are deciding on a more practical size that will give us great quality for both shops at a  more reasonable price.  The president of Grizzly will be visiting the shop in two to three weeks which I am glad to talk face to face with that makes more sense.  I hope to do the same with Southern tools and Woodcraft. 


I am presently revising the cost of new equipment as the prices have gone up.  Also deciding on the 37” sander between ShopFox or Safety speed which is manufactured in the USA at about the same price as Grizzly.