General Membership Meetings

General Membership Meetings

General membership meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month starting at 7:00PM at the Laurel Manor Recreations Center.  Each meeting starts off with a Pledge Of Allegiance to the flag, followed by status reports from the department heads.  After a short break, members present projects during a Show and Tell session, followed by a 50-50 drawing.  Meetings generally end at around 9:00PM.

Minutes of Most Recent Meeting

General Meeting of the Villages Woodshop Club

Aug 13, 2019

Laurel Manor Recreation Center


Meeting called to order at 7:00PM

Mike Borfitz, President, led the pledge of allegiance followed by a moment of silence.

Introduction of new members and guests: – New members and visitors were welcomed and asked to introduce and tell a little about themselves.

Mike’s Announcements:

·         Even though we have been processing new members at a rate of 40 per month our back log with new people asking to join the VWC remains at 404 members.

·         The parking lot at the VWC Shop will be very crowded as we have to let workmen use the upper lot while they repair the air conditioner and the roof.

·         The timeline on the new shop will not be as planned. It now looks as if the shop will be structurally ready in the June or July time frame and it will be September or October before the shop will be ready for general use

·         The Christmas tree decorations will be headed up by Sandy Fuller and Julie Sullivan. They are looking for anyone who has made or is willing to make wooden Christmas ornaments.

·         Ron Bender will be collecting items for the Christmas Raffle.

General Announcements:

·         Jim Butcher gave a talk on the new RTJ Router Table Dove Tale Jig.

Ø  Jim showed a video which explained how the jig was used to create dove tails.

Ø  Jim pointed out that the new dove tail jig was not going to replace the present jig.

·         Lowel Sundermann pointed out that there would be a Fair held at the VWC between 10:00 and 4:00 on the Saturday following the General Meeting where people could see some of the machinery in actual use.

Open floor to questions:

Show and tell –

·         Elliot Schantz

o    Presented an Indian Rosewood bowl which he carved with a chain saw.

·         John Blackwell

o    Presented pictures of a large cherry bookshelf he made for his home.

·         Steve Eikenberry

o   Presented a bowl he made from live oak and covered with a white pickling stain in addition Steve presented a large segmented bowl made from nine different types of wood. The top of the bowl was flared out and ground by hand.

·         Lowel Sundermann

o    Presented a sign made on the CNC Machine which pictured the image of a horse.

·         Dave Adamovich

o    Showed pictures of the many projects he had completed over the years he has belonged to the VWC.

·         Tony Torra

o   Presented 4 bowls he turned from different types of wood.

·         50/50 Drawing:  The club took in $80 and gave out prizes of - $20, $20.


Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM