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General Meeting of the Villages Woodshop Club

April 10, 2018

Laurel Manor Recreation Center


Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM

Mike Borfitz, President, lead the pledge of allegiance with a moment of silence and an offering of prayers and thoughts for those in our club membership and their families

Introduction of new members and guests – New members and visitors were welcomed and asked to introduce and tell a little about themselves.

Mike’s Announcements:

·         The Board of Directors has voted to take in 20 new members. At this time there are 107 people on the wait list. Each month the board of directors will review this process.

·         Two people have been approved to pick up the saw dust waste for their personal use.

·          Dave Adamovich, Glenn Croteau, and Bob Behrens have found when opening the shop in the morning that the shop has not been closed properly. Monitors and instructors have left Jets, lights, etc on.  Glenn will call the responsible people every time this happens. A new instructor list will be implemented to help curb this problem. We need everyone’s help to keep the shop clean.

·         Toys have been missing, 4 red toy wagons have been taken. We need each member to be more observant of club property. If you need a toy, ask Conway Williams, He will make sure you get one.

·          A few years ago, a five-year budget replacement and upgrade plan for equipment was implemented as part of the budgeting activity.

General Announcements:

·         Glenn Croteau presented a new form to be used for any member who would like to request new equipment or replacement for present equipment.  The forms will be maintained by Glenn.  Anyone wanting to make this type of request should see Glenn, fill out the form in its entirety and return it to Glenn.

·         Lowell Sundermann is going to head up the CNC project. He presented a slide show to the membership explaining the requirements needed to operate the CNC machine. Lowell will show a project that was done on the CNC machine. Members can go to the Vectcic Web Site for information on how the software works.

·         Daralene Baney of the Sumter County Medical Reserve Core came to our meeting to personally thank everyone for the fall prevention doll house. Daralene stressed the importance of using the doll house as a teaching tool to show hazards in your home which could lead to a fall. She presented the Village Wood Working Shop with a certificate of appreciation.

·         Ken Vanderloop said good bye to everyone before he went back to Wisconsin.

Open floor to questions:

·         One member asked for clarification on the definition of the terms CNC and Shaper. <> Computer Numerical Control, an automation method used in manufacturing. Instead of the tool using manual or mechanical controls, it uses computerized control motors that define the location of the tool head in a three-dimensional space, based upon an input file that specifies the actions to be taken by the tool. The input file is typically created by a CAD (Computer Aided Design) program. This method of automation allows for precise tolerances, near-perfect copies, and extremely quick design and manufacturing. <> A shaper is an overgrown router table which is both larger and much more powerful than a router. A shaper can cut a much larger profile than a router – such as for crown molding  and raised-panel doors.

Show and tell –

·         Ron Valli showed a rifle that he replaced with new stocks.

·         Lowell Sundermann showed a clock he made with the aid of the CNC machine.

·         John Herega showed some bowls he made from sapele wood. Which you can purchase from the Shop.

·         Andy Miller showed several intarsia carvings he made.

50/50 Drawing: The club took in $ 137 and retained $82. Prizes were - $15, $15, $15, $15 and $10.  Alvin Corenblum gave his $15 winning back to the club.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM