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General Meeting of the Villages Woodshop Club

Christmas Party of the Villages Woodshop Club

December 09, 2017

Savannah Recreation Center

Brief Meeting called to order at 7:00pm.  Mike Borfitz, led the pledge of allegiance.  

Chairman of the Nomination Committee -  Ray Roberts:  Announced the three-nominee’s running for three-year Board of Directors seat they are; Alvin Corenblum, Mike Cromwell and John Scott.

The incumbents in the positions of president, vice president and treasurer have agreed to serve next year. A new member, Byron Porter will assume the position of secretary in 2018.  The election will take place at the general membership meeting on January 9, 2018.   

Meeting adjourned at approximately 7:15pm.

Next Meeting: January 9, 2018

Minutes prepared by Patty Porter, Secretary on December 15, 2017