General Membership Meetings

General Membership Meetings

General membership meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month starting at 7:00PM at the Laurel Manor Recreations Center.  Each meeting starts off with a Pledge Of Allegiance to the flag, followed by status reports from the department heads.  After a short break, members present projects during a Show and Tell session, followed by a 50-50 drawing.  Meetings generally end at around 9:00PM.

Minutes of Most Recent Meeting


General Meeting of the Villages Woodshop Club

July 11, 2017

Laurel Manor Recreation Center

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm accompanied by the recitation of the pledge of allegiance led by President Mike Borfitz with a moment of silence for those in our club membership and their families. Mike announced member Bernie Harkins is out of the hospital and reportedly doing well.       

President’s Report

Introduction of new members and guests - Mike welcomed new members and visitors, who then introduced themselves and shared a little bit about themselves to the group.

Last Meeting suggestions from the floor; were taken into consideration and some have been implemented;

1)  Speaker – Brett Heath with our wood supplier, Hood Distributors to give presentation on their Company and products.

2)  No breaks.

3)  Refreshments are here and in the back of the room by the coffee.

Membership and Visitor Tally - Our records show that as of the yesterday, we have 909 dues paying members and 932 records in our database which includes the toy painters and front desk volunteers who are not members.  Since our last membership meeting we have entertained 55 guests which brings our grand total for 2017 to 777 guests.    

Club Space – There will be second woodshop south of Hwy 44, possibly in or near the Village of Fenney. We’re not hearing back from The Villages regarding our space issues or when the second club will be built.

Speaker - Stephan Yovan, Lumber Manager introduced guest speaker Brett Heath with Hood Distributors.  Brett gave a brief overview of Hood and their domestic and exotic products. Brett passed around some of their new products, left us with brochures, and generously donated 9 small domestic pieces of lumber to the club. Members interacted with Brett and asked very good questions. 

Mike advised she received a call from Janalyn Peppel who gave the presentation on 3-D printing in May, to let us know that a 3-D Printing Club is being formed in The Villages by Joe Kennedy. Mike has Mr. Kennedy’s phone number if anyone is interested in joining this club.

Department Reports

Toys – Conway Williams: In June produced 535 toys bringing our annual total to 3619 toys. So far in July we’ve produced 259 toys bringing the annual total to 3878 toys. We’ve shipped 178 toys in June with annual shipping total of 2137 toys with a donation value of $16,650. We ship as many toys as we can to customers, who have the capacity to store them, before the Holiday rush and to help with our storage problem. Toys on the Square, we break for the summer months due to heat and rain. Sales of toys on Squares will resume again in September.   

Carvers & VWC Chairman of the Board – Bill McGinnis: The little Foredom power flex shaft power engravers, which cost $300 each are gone, due to shafts not being greased and general misuse. They’re being replaced with 3 flex shaft Dremmels. The shafts have to be greased to operate properly. Additionally, aprons and safety glasses must be worn while operating this equipment, as they run at 3k rpm’s. No report from the Board of Directors.

Lumber - Steve Yovan: No report.

Certification/Monitor Training – Dick Bessler: Monitor training is scheduled for 7/19 which starts at 4pm and last an hour and a half.  Certification class scheduled for 7/20.      

Office Administration -Front Desk – Anne Bell: Not present.

Education – Bob Matthews: The VWC classes are second to none for the $10 sign-up fee and cost of materials. New classes are scheduled for September to December. Bob encouraged new members to take classes, as a way to learn to use all the equipment and the proper use of each, which is the Club’s primary goal of having classes.  Additionally, small class settings provide a great way to get to know and gel with fellow members. The Club has rolled out a home self-study course “Intro to the Lathe” with an open book test. We’re looking forward to hearing the feedback from members about this course. Bob introduced Debbie Larouere, Assistant Education Manager, who’s well versed in wood working and a longtime member. Debbie will take the load off Anne Bell Office Administration by organizing and publishing the classes. She’ll be the “go to” education person when he’s not available.  It’s their goal to ensure that safe and good practices are being taught.  They’ll be working with the instructors to see that these practices are in place for each class.  Additionally, any member requesting to teach classes, will have to undergo an evaluation by a designated shop member, to insure they that understand and use good and safe practices.

Debbie Larouere announced, the Club has been approached again this year, to participate in the Art Gallery hosted by United Health Care in Lake Sumter Landing August 24th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.  Debbie needs “gallery quality” wood items to display and not craft wood items. Members were encouraged to attend to discuss their pieces of work with visitors.  Debbie reminded members that per The Villages, club members are not allowed to sell any items made at the woodshop.   Please see Debbie if interested in participating.

Library – MaryAnn Main: Not in attendance.  

Shop Maintenance – Dave Adamovich: The new Jet Delta drill press is now setup; however, training is needed because there is a new method of setting up the depth stop. John Herega presented the video on how to use the new Jet Delta drill press. This video will run continuously at the shop for the next several weeks. Additionally, certification will be covering the proper use of the new drill press. 

Questions: Bob Matthews asked if the drill press should be set on a standard speed, when finished using. John advised no. All machines/equipment should be set to zero speed and members should double check to ensure speeds and settings are set to zero before using the machines/equipment as a matter of routine.

Turners, Safety and Apparel – John Herega: Next Safety meeting scheduled July 24th at 9:30am. All are welcome to attend. The next Turners meeting scheduled September 19th and Ray Roberts will be presenting the demonstration. New turning tools have come in, and are in the process of being tagged and logged and will be in the tool crib soon. No news concerning apparel. If you need apparel our vendor is Custom Apparel at Southern Trace Shopping Plaza. John, reminded members to please clean up after themselves.

Special Projects and Website – Hans Zassenhaus: Hans gave a brief explanation of Special Projects and the need for volunteers.  Special projects received 56 new projects this past month and 46 have been completed and 11 rejected for various reasons.  The club received $617 in labor donations and $300 in material costs for the 46 completed projects. The year to date pre-made items, rocker boards, card holders and slant boards have brought in $11,166 for the club.  Website matters; please let the front desk know if you have changed your email, so your member profile can be updated, otherwise you will not receive emails notifications. The fall classes will be posted to the website calendar.  If you are interested in helping maintain the website, please see Hans.

Questions and Answers:  Mike asked if anyone had any questions; Alvin Corenblum advised he brought in two cherry logs, that he left outside and the next day they were gone. He asked who ever took them, to please return them. Larnie Cross advised he lacquer sprayed bowls outside the door, he left them outside to dry for a few hours and they were gone when he went to get them, as well as the can of lacquer.   Thefts continue to plaque the club.

Show and Tell – Dave Adamovich showed a beautiful cherry and walnut jewelry box with scroll cuttings of doves on the top and sides, that he made for his granddaughter. Ray Roberts brought in a small cherry bowl with wooden roller insets in the bottom, that Larnie Cross made for him. Bill Lundsberg showed a beautiful cherry frame that he carved dogwood flowers at the top. Sue Newlan showed one of her miniature houses and is looking for a member to help her build a doll house for her great granddaughter.

50/50 Drawing: The club took in $88 dollars in chances sold and the club retained $43 and $45 was won by members.

Winners were Bill Lundsberg $20, Joe Benkowski $14 and Bill Lundsberg $11.  The 9 pieces of domestic lumber donated by Hood Distributors was won by members via the 50/50 drawing.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:40pm.

Next Meeting:  August 08, 2017  

Minutes prepared by Patty Porter, Secretary on July 14, 2017