General Membership Meetings

General Membership Meetings

General membership meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month starting at 7:00PM at the Laurel Manor Recreations Center.  Each meeting starts off with a Pledge Of Allegiance to the flag, followed by status reports from the department heads.  After a short break, members present projects during a Show and Tell session, followed by a 50-50 drawing.  Meetings generally end at around 9:00PM.

Minutes of Most Recent Meeting

General Meeting of the Villages Woodshop Club

October 08, 2019

Laurel Manor Recreation Center


Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM

Mike Borfitz, President, led the pledge of allegiance followed by a moment of silence.

Introduction of new member and Guests:

  • New members and visitors were welcomed and asked to introduce and tell a little about themselves.

Mike’s Announcements:

  • Second Shop:
  1. Plans for the opening of the second shop have slipped because of the hurricane.
  2. The cost for the new shop was higher than expected, for this reason we will have to revisit costs.
  3. It is hoped that we will be able to move into the second shop in August of next year to start furnishing the shop. I would be about 3 months until we could open the door to the membership.                                                                                        
  • A question was asked from the floor. Why we do not stop recruiting new members?
    • Mike turned the question over to Mike Cromwell (Chairman of the Board of Directors). Mike Cromwell explained that we are limited by the number of new members we can certify per month.  If we do not continue with certification if and when we open the new shop, we will not have enough members to staff both shops. Certification is necessary to make sure each new member knows how to safely use all of the equipment. Mike Cromwell explained that we are looking at different ways to manage the temporary overcrowding of the shop. If anyone has input to this problem, please present your ideas to any BOD member for consideration.

General Announcements:

  • Bill Pappas, Manager of Information Technology has requested that anyone who wants to volunteer to help with IT implementation please contact him.
  • Steve Eikenberry talked about the members' merchandise. We have a good quantity of various kits for creating gifts this Holiday Season. Most of the gift kits are not difficult and are perfect for beginning woodworkers to gain shop experience. Seasoned shop members are available to advise and help understand how to create the gift. Take some time to look at them in person. Salespeople are in the shop daily and are happy to show you what’s available. Gift kits include back scratchers, shoehorns, potpourri lids, pepper mills, salt mills, pen kits, bracelet assist helpers, purse hangers (especially nice for CNC users), and many more items to choose from. Take a look!
  • Ray Roberts gave a talk on how to draw the beauty out of the wood. He explained the process of seeing what the wood is trying to tell you. Imperfections in the wood can be turned into interesting visuals. He presented many examples of work he had completed and explained the creative process, he was trying to achieve with each piece.
  •  Stephen Yovan told a funny story about golf.

Open floor to questions:

Show and tell –

  •  Jill showed items she created on the laser machine.
    • Item one was a mouse she inlaid into a cheese board
    • Item two was a book cover created from one piece of wood with a living hinge in the center.
  • Bob Behrens
    • Presented a coin box holder which he created for the elks’ club charity drive. You can place a quarter in the slot. When the slots are filled in the value will be $420.
  • 50/50, Drawing:  The club gave out prizes of - $20, $20, $15

Meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM