General Membership Meetings

General Membership Meetings

General membership meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month starting at 7:00PM at the Laurel Manor Recreations Center.  Each meeting starts off with a Pledge Of Allegiance to the flag, followed by status reports from the department heads.  After a short break, members present projects during a Show and Tell session, followed by a 50-50 drawing.  Meetings generally end at around 9:00PM.

Minutes of Most Recent Meeting

General Meeting of the Villages Woodshop Club

January 8, 2019

Laurel Manor Recreation Center


Meeting called to order at 7:00PM

Mike Borfitz, President, led the pledge of allegiance followed by a moment of silence.

Introduction of new members and guests: – New members and visitors were welcomed and asked to introduce and tell a little about themselves.

Mike’s Announcements:

  • Mike wished Alvin Coreblum happy birthday.
  • Mike gave the state of the union address. See State of VWC on our website for complete transcription.
    •  Security Improvements – The IT Committee implemented a system where members can key in through the side door and enter the shop. The system captures the members present and allows us to capture a true list of members physically in the building.
    •  Out-Reach Programs - Under the leadership of Nancy Blackmore Colonial Days was a great success. The toy department had a record year.  The department produced 9,047 toys in 2018 with a total production of 75,057 toys since its inception in 2002 With Conway Williams at the helm.
    •  Urns for indigent Veterans program did well plus they expanded their scope to offer urns to Village Veterans for a nominal fee.
    •   The club turned 600 pens in 2018 which were dispersed to the troops.
    • Special Projects continued its good work by completing over 600 projects for local residents.
    •  Sandy Fuller led the effort for The Special Olympics Christmas Tree          Raffle as well as a second children’s tree for the Baker House.
    •  New Technology made its debut under the leadership of Lowell Sundermann and Jerry Leinsing who trained many members on CNC and Pinto Router.
    •  Support Area – MaryAnn Main took on the job of house-cleaning the library and Deb Larouere and Bob Mathhews optimized class offerings making it easier for members to upgrade their wood working skills
    •  The big news of course was the second wood working shop, which should open in 2020.

General Announcements:

  • Voting of new officers and Board of Directors took place during this meeting.

The following people were elected:

        Mike Borfitz – President

        Jim Spallone – Vice President

Byron Porter – Secretary

        Doug Parks – Treasure

The following people were elected to a three-year term on The Board of Directors

Judy Meyers

John Warner

Stephan Yovan

Mike wanted to thank those members who finished their 3-year term

John Herega

Conway Williams

Sandra Moraco

Open floor to questions:

Show and tell –

  • Tom Miller showed Ring Master Bowls.  Tom pointed out that he was going to give a class for any members interested in this wood working craft.

50/50 Drawing:  The club took in $160 and retained $100.00 as one member returned his prize to the shop. Prizes were - $20, $20, $20 and $20.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM


 The Board of Directors had a quick meeting, a quorum was met and established and by a show of hands elected Mike Cromwell to be Chairman of the Board.