Woodworking Technology


Lowell Sundermann


Interest in the CNC remains high.  Classes have been full, and student's skills have been impressive.  We are recommending our existing CNC will move to the new the Brownwood facility, so we are implementing some upgrades and improvements to it.  We are wanting it to be configured more like small machines on the market today.

Currently we are also recommending to purchase a three station Legacy machine for Brownwood.  The Legacy machine will be a bit intimidating to our casual users, thus the reason to give them the option of our current machine at Brownwood.

For Rolling Acres, we recommend purchasing a new CAMaster,  which will be a state of the art machine with the ability to add capabilities like machining turnings in the future if needed.  Jerry Leinsing was asked and provided an excellent technical report of small to medium size CNC machines that would meet the needs of the Rolling Acres Shop.  We are pursuing his recommendations.  


The Laser has found a new breed of interested users.  We purchased a copy of PhotoLaser Plus software that helps convert images to laser engraving.  Several members rolled up their sleeves and have gone wild using its capabilities.  It was fun for me to stop by and see a "squad" of members circled around the Laser, working together, excited about what they were accomplishing.  And they have done a great job.  They will be presenting a checklist of how to accomplish what they learned to the user group on Wednesday March 11th.  This is the type of environment I prefer and encourage.  Instead of being told how one person understands a machine should be used, you teach them basic tools and rules, and like a research lab, they use their brains to discover new (to us) technologies.  Very Cool...