Woodworking Technology


Lowell Sundermann


We have used the time made available by COVID-19 to do some upgrades to our current CNC machine.  The cooling fluid has been changed.  Limit switches on all three axes have been added.  The Ref All Home has been enhanced to simplify the referencing process and to put DRO’s and Buttons into their proper state.  The Auto Tool Zero button has been activated.  The Diagnostics Digitize status LED has been copied to the front Program Run screen.  This allows checking the status of the Auto Tool Zero button without leaving the front screen.  The checklist has been enhanced to provide minimum required steps for all operators to follow plus adding additional details to help guide less experienced operators.  

We will consider a Zoom User Group meeting soon.  Stay tuned.  We will use that meeting to help refresh CNC operations.  I highly recommend any returning CNC operator to seek a review of the current checklist with myself or Paul Porter.  Two other instructors will be available shortly as well. All the upgrades are to make the existing CNC operate more like the next CNC at Brownwood.  Additionally for the Brownwood machine, we (Becky Carlson) have written hard copy instructions from videos for such things as Controlled Stops and Emergency Stops. 

Instructors have been attending weekly on-line training webinars on a wide range of topics related to our new CNC.  We remain connected to a Legacy Associate in Winter Haven to learn on his machine.  We are working with Rik, Brad and Bob Behrens to confirm the details of the layout for the CNC and will be making storage cabinets for CNC equipment and machine beds.The production of our CNC in Springville, UT is in the production schedule for arrival at The Villages December 15th.  We are trying to do all we can to be ready to rock and roll in 2021.

The Laser has been in service primarily for the Toy Department.  Others are welcome.  We are asking all Laser operators to record your time of actual Laser usage for developing optimum maintenance schedules.  A usage log is available at the machine.

We are getting close to restarting classes shutdown last March, and we are ready to work with the Education Department to schedule new classes.  If you have completed E511 and are ready for certification see me (Lowell).

Woodworking Technology Leadership Team

Lowell Sundermann, Manager

Paul Porter, Assist. Manager

Dave Makarewicz, Instructor

Bob Thomas, Instructor