Turners Group

At the Brownwood site there will be three Jet, three Powermatic, one Robust “American Beauty” and four Jet midi lathes, one on a low stand for those who cannot stand for long periods. The lathe area will be located at the far right side of the shop along the back wall and will have a dedicated dust collection system.


This group is composed of VWC members who have an interest in honing their skills in the use of the lathes available in our shop.


Members of the Turners Group also contribute to the shop operations in that they are called upon to volunteer to work on Special Projects that involve wood turning, such as fabricating turned table legs or parts of chairs that are brought to the shop for repair.


New Lathes:

There have been some slight difficulties with the tool rest clamping devised on both new lathes.
  • Jet: equipped with a two piece shaped barrel type of clamp, similar to the devise on the Robust lathe, it is important to be sure the device is lined up properly with the interior of the tool rest opening.
  • The capacity over the lathe bed has been increased, because of this the after-market shorter shaft tool rests painted and marked “Jet” may be too short thus causing your tool to be positioned too low on the workpiece. USE THE TOOL RESTS MARKED POWERMATIC, FOR THIS NEW JET LATHE. Continue to use the Jet marked tool rests for the older jets. The black tool rest was supplied with the new lathe and is the proper size.
  • POWERMATIC: This tool makes use of a clamping type device; use ONLY the tool rests marked POWERMATIC on this lathe as the diameter of the Jet tool rests are slightly smaller. Please do not adjust the cap screw located on the left side of the banjo, at the clamp.
If you encounter a problem with either lathe please inform John Herega or maintenance. Please do not force any tool rests into the banjo.