Stained Glass

Stained Glass Group Update



The Stained Glass group kicked off their fall round of classes on October 2, 2020 with five people in attendance. The group enjoyed a morning of socializing, learning and productivity. Ed Eich reviewed the Morton Cutting system, and the Oct 9th session will review foiling accessories. The shop setup and social distancing is working quite well for our group.

We recently acquired a sizable donation for the new shop at Brownwood. The donation included almost everything needed to set up a new glass shop, and has made a huge dent in the list of equipment necessary for us to provide classes when we open that facility. Preliminary plans are to offer classes on Monday mornings, so we expect that the additional day of coursework may attract new students that could not attend on Friday mornings. If you haven’t tried our stained glass courses yet, stop in and see what you are missing!