Merchandise Manager


Member merchandise has experienced a slow year with minimal sales, attributed to reduced shop hours and lower than normal shop population.

Plans are underway for stocking the Brownwood shop with mostly the same items as available at the Rolling Acres facility.

We are currently in the process of taking merchandise inventory as part of our move into the new Lightspeed computer program that will track inventory, sales, and purchases for the entire shop at both locations.

As we approach the holiday season, remember we carry hardware for gift items popular with family and friends. Items such as wine bottle stopper kits, salt and pepper grinder kits, pen kits, and marble discs for cheese trays or chip and dip bowls.

We also have lathe gouges, CA glue, sandpaper discs for inertia sanders, sanding pads, and inertia sanders. And if you’re interested in epoxy, we sell that too. See one of our sales people for a look at our offerings.