Lumber Dept.

   Manager and Chairman of the Board


Your Lumber Department has been searching the globe for new and exotic wood species for its members.


In the past it has located: sapele( a variety of mahogany from Australia) , yellow heart (from South America), and zebrawood (from west Africa).


A leading wood supplier has recently reported that a new species of lumber called Ostrich has been discovered and will be available in the near future. It will be our species of the month.


Characteristics.... Color: A pale pinkish color but darkens with time. Ostrich as a softwood will have no rivals, easy to work, smooth feathery grain, straight water repellent textureand a strong regal smell.


Origin.... Central Australia


Common uses.... that special project that says “here’s looking at you kid!


Availability... None at this time, but we have our best buyers negotiating for two board feet. Price has yet to be determined, suspect it will be sold by the pound.  See example below: