VWC Toy Department

Since our last report on August 8th we see the impact of our second shut down in early July and phased reopening in September. Fortunately many of the Elves and Painters were working from home and even continued these efforts when we reopened in September to a M-W-F schedule.

We had produced only 74 toys before our second shutdown. The elves and painters resumed their work at home efforts and managed to produce a total of 687 toys for the month. This gave us a year to date production of only 4,880 toys which  put us 2,140 toys behind where we were at the end of July last year.

August showed us able to produce only 426 toys. In September we produce 869 toys. At the end of September we had produced 6,175 toys putting us 1,854 behind last years’ pace. Thus far in October we have produced 608 toys.

On the shipping side, in August we made six deliveries to clients which contained 1,481 toys and had a donation value of $ 10,858. In September, we made five deliveries which contained 1,146 toys and had a donation value of $8,604 bringing our year to date deliveries to 5,235 and a donation value of $35,803 at the end of September.

So far in October we have made two deliveries containing 718 toys with a donation vale of $6,564. We see eight more client shipments for the rest of October containing 970toys and a donation value of $9,869.  This will put us in the area of 6,700 toys and $50,000 in donation value

We are continuing to talk with many of our clients, who like us, are facing significant uncertainty about what the rest of this year will bring. Most have indicated that they still wish to receive their toys in a similar volume as last year which will become a growing challenge for us. Looking ahead to a better next year we have been asked by the Villages to participate in Toys on the Square for 2021, we have submitted a suggested calendar and are awaiting discussions with the Villages. Further we will also be participating in Hoedown Days which has been rescheduled from January 2021 to May 2021. We are already working on preparing the toys to be assembled by the children at that event.

Lastly, and most importantly, I want to thank all of the Elves and Painters of the TOY Team for their contributions to making this year a positive experience for our clients, the needy and disadvantaged children of the Tri-County area, in spite of the challenges of Covid-19

VWC 2020 Toy Catalog