VWC Toy Department

We participated in two outside activities since my last report.

  • We had Toys on the Square at Lake Sumter Landing on Wednesday February 12th. The Toy Team of Ron Gammon, John Scott, Mike Custard, Dennis Drazkowski, Ken Vanderloop and myself enjoyed a beautiful evening, a big crowd and a good band combined to generate Toy Sales of $247.00 in toy sales and $50.00 in donations. We did have several opportunities to talk about the Club and answer questions about the new shop. We also met several people who were already on the waiting list and looking forward to getting into the shop.


  • On Tuesday March 3rd we participated in an early March Toys on the Square at Spanish Springs. Toy Team of Ron Gammon, Spike Durant, Dennis Drazkowski, Ken Vanderloop and myself enjoyed another pleasant evening with a good band and crowd, but slow sales activity resulting in Toy Sales of $159.00 and $67.00 in donations.

I would like recognize the continuing efforts of Joe Stone and his Wednesday Euchre Group at the Paradise Rec Center. The Group has supported the Toy Department with a fund raiser every February for the last 9 years. This year their efforts resulted in a record donation of $ 547.00, plus another $67.00 in toy sales!


Both the Painters and the Elves continue their hard work, but we were impacted by a large number of team members being absent for a variety health related issues and planned travel.


On the production side:

  • In February we produced 600 toys which give us a year to date total of 1601. That means we are 649 toys behind where we were at the end of February last year.

  • Thus far in March we have produced an additional 111 toys.

On the shipping side:

  • We have shipped 440 toys to 2 clients with a donation value of $2,000.00 in February. This means we have shipped 1,329 toys with a donation value of $6,541.00 year to date.

  • Thus far in March we have made no shipments to clients.

We are still working hard to train and assimilate the half dozen new toy makers that have joined our ranks since December.

We will be doing Toys on the Square again on Tuesday April 7thth at Spanish Springs starting at 5 pm. Please come out and support the Toy Department.


VWC 2020 Toy Catalog