Special Projects

  Hans Zassenhaus

We are always in need of VWC Members to assist in working on Special Projects. Any member can select a Special Project from the Green Binder at the front Desk. Simply choose a project, ensure that you have entered your name on the sheet in the “Assigned To” space and then proceed to fulfill the requirements.

When you have finished the project, put a piece of purple tape on the project, store it in the Special Projects Area of the Shop AND notify the Front Desk that you have finished the project. Many projects will require less than one-hour to complete.

Please use the Special Projects checklist available in the front of the green binder. This document provides you with many tips and hints when you are workiing on a special project.  As always, we are looking for additional input to make this list more effective.

The following are statistics for period January 11 - February 09, 2020:

Special Projects Accepted: 69
Special Projects completed: 42

Total contributions to the VWC: $ 2076.57

Pre-Made Items managed by Bernie Harkins:
Items Sold 292
Total Contributions: $ 3136.49

Thanks to all VWC members who contributed their time and talents in working on these Special Projects and Pre-Made items.

Note about Education:
As you register for a class, that class will appear on your Personal Schedule of classes. Your Monitor assignments will also show up in your personal Monitor Schedule. Both of these personal schedules appear under the Members' Lounge tab when you login to the website.